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New ATENA version released (5.7.0m)

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Summary of the New Features

Dear ATENA friends,

this week the latest version ATENA v5.7.0m has been officially released and is available for download from our website.

The speed of nonlinear analysis has been significantly improved as well as the speed of post-processing large models.
In addition several unique new features has been introduced:

- Modeling of durability and corrosion - chloride ingress and concrete carbonation in the concrete cover is simulated taking into account the presence of cracks. This induces reinforcement corrosion, which is modelled as a reduction of reinforcement cross-section having an impact on the structural load carrying capacity
- Simulation of concrete deterioration due to alkali-silica reaction (ASR)


Fig. 1: Analysis and post-processing of large scale models is much faster and easier in the new ATENA version as documented on these figures from a pushover analysis of a 18-storey building.


Fig. 2: Example of a moving load application in ATENA software was used in this bridge analysis for fitting the on-site measurements and model calibration.

- New model for fibre-reinforced concrete (FRC) based on added fracture energy concept
- Streamlined definition for combined models consisting of advanced models with solid elements and 1D beam or 2D shell elements
- Material driver – a small software for testing and detailed investigation of ATENA material models or for the development of material user subroutines

For more details about the latest ATENA version please see our website.

Before downloading please make sure that your maintenance is valid. Without a valid maintenance you will be able to run the program only in DEMO mode. To check your maintenance, we recommend to run the ATENA UpdateCheck utility included in your current ATENA installation. If you are not sure about your maintenance validity, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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