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  ACS SASSI V3.0 ITKR6 Released
  글쓴이 : 관리자     날짜 : 16-09-28 11:48    
ACS SASSI V3.0 ITKR6 이 출시되었습니다.

After IKTR5, we put intensive efforts to revise again in all details and guidance the user manuals. I included much more guidance and details in the user manuals on all SSI modeling aspects, including General matrix elements, incoherency, SSI substructuring approaches, etc.

We revised Option NON, Rev 1 including both shear and bending deformation and the Takeda hysteretic model. I improved the text explanations on Option NON. We introduced new Demo 12 for application of ACS SASSI Option NON for the nonlinear pushover analysis of a reinforced concrete RB containment against the test data at Sandia Labs published in NUREG/CR-6783 (please note that the Option NON results were much better than ANSYS with SOLID65 reinforced concrete element), and two new V&V problems 53 and 54 that are also for Option NON. We also improved the batch run file structure using the NONLINBAT command.

For the motion incoherency effects, we included added a new refined stochastic simulation approach.  Now stochastic simulation is applicable to either the free-field forces at interaction nodes or the free-field soil motion at interaction nodes - see manual for details. Up to 20-25 simulations can be run in a single run -  for such analysis is probably about 40-50 times faster than Version 2.3.0!

We also added a new aux program for Option AA when CP commands are used in ANSYS. This program is useful when user wants to see animations of ANSYS model containing CP "slave" nodes using the ACS SASSI UI commands.