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  ProShake 2.0 Announced
  글쓴이 : 관리자     날짜 : 17-02-14 12:25    

ProShake 2.0 - Professional Version

ProShake 2.0 is a powerful, user-friendly computer program for one-dimensional, equivalent linear ground response analysis. Written completely from scratch, ProShake 2.0 includes numerous features to make data entry, analysis, viewing and documenting of results efficient and effective, including built-in modulus reduction and damping models, graphical display of soil profile and input motion parameters, graphical display of a wide variety of output parameters, and animation of ground response. ProShake 2.0 is organized into three "managers" - an Input Manager, a Solution Manager, and an Output Manager. The Input Manager allows entry of soil profile and input motion data. The Solution Manager performs iterative equivalent linear analyses while tracking the process of convergence toward strain-compatible soil properties. The Output Manager allows easy plotting of results in the form of time histories, response spectra, parameter profiles, and animations. A series of other parameters can also be computed. ProShake 2.0 also includes useful Report feature, as a file in Microsoft® Word® format, that automatically records the conditions of each analysis in tabular form. All ProShake 2.0 plots can be copied to the Report and saved for subsequent editing in Microsoft® Word®.

ProShake 2.0 incorporates many new features that improve ease of use and analysis efficiency.  Among these are:

·         Completely redesigned user interface with expanded plotting options in the Input and Output Managers.

·         Uses Microsoft® Excel® and Word® format files for input data/results/output and report, respectively.

·         Can analyze multiple soil profiles within the same project with no limits on number of profiles or number of motions.

·         Recognizes PEER-formatted (.AT2) motions.

·         Graphical display of profile and properties during data entry.

·         New soil models with graphical display of modulus reduction, damping, and backbone curves with option for strength-compatible modulus reduction curves.

·         One-click validation of input data prior to running analyses.

·         Data filtering for efficient examination and plotting of analysis results.

·         Exporting of animations for stand-alone viewing or insertion into presentations.

As a relatively recent (after January 1, 2010) purchaser of ProShake, we would like to offer you a free upgrade to ProShake 2.0.