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  Announcing AViCAD 2018
  글쓴이 : 관리자     날짜 : 17-06-13 10:36    
1830065.png   Announcing AViCAD 2018
New Release $150 Discount ends June 18th


AViCAD 2018 releases today and we have a brand new video to go with that (see below).
AviCAD: The Complete 2d/3d DWG CAD packed with Engineering & Architectural applications & tools

The new version is fully compatible with Windows 10 (and earlier) plus lots of new features have been added.

 In today's video we have covered a few of the new AViCAD 2018 highlights including...

 - Overview of AViCAD's tools
 - Publishing tools we include
 - New In-place Text Editing
 - Easy Viewport editing using VPMAX
 - Updated GUI, Toolbars and Workspaces
 - Superhatch - using blocks, images and more
 - Default Layers for  Dimensions and Hatch Patterns
 - Added Isolate and Hide entities tool
 - Fade control for XREF's and locked layers
 - Cloud import file types available
 - Import and export various file types
 - Import ESRI Shape files (.shp)
 - Faster & improved Mech-Q Piping
 - Faster and more features:  Mech-Q Ducting

 >> See our new AviCAD 2018 video right now at: 

Or visit:   https://www.asvic.com.au/products/AViCAD-313.htm