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  Mech-Q November 2017 News
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Mech-Q News


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Existing customers who have an earlier version of Mech-Q can upgrade to v4.08.

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Welcome to the November 2017 edition of
Mech-Q News!

What's New with Mech-Q?

New Mech-Q Version

The latest version of Mech-Q - v4.12 has now been released
(AutoCAD 2000-2018,  AViCAD, Bricscad, progeCAD & IntelliCAD).

Highlights for this new version:
  • Ducting Module
    • Reducing Tees (3D) - Add Conical option\
    • New BOM options
    • 2D Elbows: Rotate first, Then mirror
  • Piping Module
    • Pumps - Add Clockwise/Anticlockwise option
    • Piping Tools - Data Export/Import - New Tool
    • 2D labels - auto-rotate with pipe direction
  • Structural Module
    • Stairs - Add Aluminum stringers and treads
    • Stairs - Upgrade Hand Rail drawing - Add full detail option

Several Bug Fixes
  • Ducting module:
    • 2D diffusers & cushion head alwaye On
    • Elbows 2D, Z-Bend not working.
    • 2D Flanges not working
    • Tees rotation failure
    • Dampers crashing
  • Piping module
    • WN Flanges - Nom-bore correction
    • 2D errors when using
    • OSMODE not keeping setting
    • 3D Pipe not drawing when nodes = off
  • Structural module
    • Stairs not saving CFG
  • General - Layers CFG not saving