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  ATENA Software at ACI Fall Convention in Las Vegas
  글쓴이 : 관리자     날짜 : 18-10-15 13:17    
Cervenka Consulting Logo ATENA Software at ACI Fall Convention in Las Vegas

Dear Madam/Sir,

we are enthusiastically looking forward to ACI Fall Convention in Las Vegas, USA, taking place from 14 to 18 October, 2018.

We will be presenting the latest ATENA development as well as the results of our recent research and development projects GeoTech4 and DigiCON2. ATENA has been developed for engineers as well as researchers to provide indepth understanding of reinforced concrete behavior during service life as well as ultimate or extreme loading scenarios. Come to see us and learn more how ATENA can help you in your  engineering projects or research.


ATENA modeling of pushover analysis of a high rise building. Left bottom window shows calculated crack widths and crack pattern. Right window shows the deformed shape with the principal compressive stress in concrete.


The assessment of crack width in the end sections of Troja bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

In addition to the exhibition booth #316, where Martin Berka will be waiting for you, you are cordially invited to the following presentations by Jan Cervenka:

Monday 11:45am, (Tropical H): Global Safety Formats and Model Uncertainties in Computational Modeling of Concrete Structures

Monday 2:45-3:15pm, (Exhibition area): Modeling of Structural Strength and Reinforcement Corrosion in ATENA software

Tuesday 5:00 pm, (Amazon Q-R): On Crack Band Model Application in Finite Element Nonlinear Analysis in Engineering Practice

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

Your ATENA Team

Please, take a close look at the release of the new version 5.6 of ATENA, a specialized software for advanced nonlinear analysis of concrete and reinforced concrete structure.

ATENA can simulate the structural behavior in all stages of the construction, service limit states, ultimate limit states or even up to failure or collapse. It contains material models for concrete, rock, masonry, steel, reinforcement, and new advanced materials such as fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC), HPFRC, UHPFRC, ECC and SHCC. 

Please, get yourself motivated by the accomplishments of your colleagues with ATENA on our website in section example projects.