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  철골, 콘크리트 & Prestressing 상세해석 소프트웨어 IDEA StatiCa 정식 공급 안내
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씨앤지소프텍에서는 체코의 IDEA StatiCa사와 철골, 콘크리트 & Prestressing 상세해석 소프트웨어 IDEA StatiCa 정식 공급 계약을 체결하였습니다.
특히, Midas-Civil 2019의 데이터를 직접 Import하여 상세 해석이 가능합니다.

IDEA StatiCa의 정식 공급을 기념하여 2019년 12월 말까지

40% 할인 행사를 진행합니다!!!

About IDEA StatiCa products:
I would like to present you with of our "state of the art" products, created for anyone involved in Steel and Concrete structural design, mainly for Structural Engineers and DesignersThe many benefits of our unique tools are used by an ever growing number of customers. With 20 years of experience, and many large international and global customers, we are expanding to your country. 

Our powerful, versatile and easy to use IDEA StatiCa software products:

- Design and calculation of Structural steel joints and connections

IDEA StatiCa Connection provides
Overall check

According to various national design

Overall check - steel joint with bolts and stub
Stress/strain analysis

FE model of steel joint is composed

Stress/ strain analysis - anchorage of a column with a bolted diagonal
Stiffness analysis

Rotational or transversal stiffness of any

Stifness analysis - Bolted steel joint with dog bones on flanges for seismic areas
Member capacity design

Seismic check of non-dissipative

Member Capacity Design - splices and inclined stiffeners
Buckling analysis

Local buckling effects and critical load

Buckling analysis - Local buckling of a steel plate at column anchoring with stiffeners, ribs and a hole in the web
Design joint resistance

Maximal possible loads, reserve in joint

Design Joint Resistance - general 3D joint with hollow cross-sections and stub

- Design and calculation of Reinforced and Prestressed concrete structures
Beam details
Beam details
Wall details
Wall details
Frame joints
Frame joints
IDEA StatiCa Detail deals efficiently with all parts of structure also known as discontinuity regions such as walls, dapped ends, openings, hangings, brackets, and areas above supports. It provides precise checks of concrete and reinforcement strength, stresses and strains. These results are clearly visualized for better understanding of details of structures.

Product functionality overview:

SteelConnections and joints: 
Nonlinear analysis of steel profiles and plates, bolts in tension and shear, welds. 2D or 3D loading
Rolled, welded or cold-formed sections
Cuts, stiffeners, wideners, ribs, openings, end plates, fin plates, gusset plates, stubs, cleats 
More joints in one project, EN or AISC, overall report, bill of material, drawings
BIM interface to SAP 2000, Robot, SCIA Engineer, AxisVM, Nexis, Midas Civil, ConSteel etc. 

Design of steel frames, columns, beams and cross-sections according to Eurocode

ConcreteReinforced concrete cross-section, general/predefined
Beam, Column, Frame, Slab
EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2 plus National annexes, SIA 262
Design of 1D RC members, long-term deflections, buckling
Corbel/ Bracket design using Strut&Tie method
BIM interface to AxisVM, Robot, Nexis, SCIA, RFEM, MIDAS etc.

PrestressingPrestressed concrete cross-section general/predefined
Beam 3D, Column, Frame, Pre/ Post tensioned members
Tendon shape, losses, prestressing effects

Construction stages, Time dependent analysis
Composite concrete-concrete section
EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2 plus National annexes, SIA 262
Design of 1D RC/PC members, long-term deflections, buckling
BIM – interface to AxisVM, Robot, Nexis, SCIA, RFEM, MIDAS construction stages, prestressing) etc.

Benefits for customers:
- Reduces project time, while reducing time and resources
- Lowers costs, reduces material waste by proper fast calculations
- Increases productivity 
- Improves quality, verification and validation
- Prevents a variety of errors, and makes projects safer
- Optimises inside BIM workflow

Other features:
- Automating routine, code-based design decisions
- User can check, and instantly apply international and national standards, code compliant Eurocode, AISC, etc
- User can check and apply Any topology, Any loading in minutes
- Stress-strain, Buckling analysis, Stiffness analysis, Overall check, 
- User can apply best industry practices, applying researched and validated computational methods
- Data are part of BIM workflow, linked to 12 different BIM programs (FEA, CAD)
- Collaboration in the Cloud
- Our deep insight support

Our Customers: 
Anuri, AECOM, ARCADIS, ARUP, Basler&Hofmann, CEPS Invest, CEPSA, CSK Steel, Ellis-Moore, FriscoMat, HARE, Indus, Lindab, octatube, peikko, ruukki, SchwartzHautmont, SWECO, URSSA and many others in more than 60+ countries