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  ATENA at NAFEMS World Congress in Québec City, Canada
  글쓴이 : 관리자     날짜 : 19-06-27 13:39    
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ATENA at NAFEMS World Congress in Québec City, Canada

Dear friends of ATENA software,

we are happy to invite you to come to our stand during NAFEMS Congress in Québec City, Canada, 17-20 June, 2019.

Not only can you visit us during the exhibiton there and talk about our software ATENA, but you are also gladly welcome to attend our two presentations: Simulation of Digitally Printed Concrete Structures Using 3D Extrusion and Model Uncertainties and Global Safety Formats for Reinforced Concrete Design by Numerical Simulation  being held on at 11:15 at 7J Hall on Thursday, 20th.

These topics are intensively being discussed nowadays and attracts a lot of attention in the scientific community as well as among engineers in the commercial sphere.

We are happy to have an opportunity to visit NAFEMS for the first time and introduce ATENA to the new community of engineers and researchers.

We look forward to meeting you in Canada very soon.

With kind regards,
your Cervenka Consulting team


Fig. 1: Crack pattern and crack width in concrete at the peak load, only cracks > 0.5 mm, model A- -compression, view 1


Fig. 2: Deformation shape, crack patern, model A- – compression load case


Fig. 3: Stress in reinforcement at the peak load, model A- -compression, view 1

Please, take a close look at the release of the new version of ATENA, a specialized software for advanced nonlinear analysis of concrete and reinforced concrete structure.

ATENA can simulate the structural behavior in all stages of the construction, service limit states, ultimate limit states or even up to failure or collapse. It contains material models for concrete, rock, masonry, steel, reinforcement, and new advanced materials such as fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC), HPFRC, UHPFRC, ECC and SHCC. 

Have a look and get motivated by the accomplishments of your colleagues with ATENA on our website of example projects or enjoy the various ATENA videos in our youtube channel.