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  ACS SASSI V4 Announced
  글쓴이 : 관리자     날짜 : 19-09-19 14:30    
   CNGSOFTEK-ACS SASSI-V4-Introduction-June-14-2019.pdf (5.6M), Down : 4, 2019-08-30 16:21:35
The new ACS SASSI NQA V4 software will be tentatively available by July 31, 2019.

The ACS SASSI V4 (IKTR0) computational speed of the SSI analysis is about 2-3 times faster than the latest ACS SASSI NQA V3 (IKTR10) software. 
Depending on the SSI problem size and the MS Windows PC workstation available resources, the SSI analysis runtime speed of the new 2019 version can go up to 5 times faster than the current 2018 version.
2019 ACS SASSI V4 SSI Analysis Options

1) Main Software. Include advance pre-post processing, nonlinear soil modeling, motion incoherency, others. Plus, includes seismic motion simulation and site response capabilities.
2) Option A-AA. Integration with ANSYS. The ANSYS structure FE models can be used directly for the 1st step of the overall SSI analysis (Option AA), and/or in the 2nd step for the detailed stress analysis using the SSI responses as input BCs (Option A)
3) Option NON. Nonlinear structure, applicable to concrete structures and base-isolation (per ASCE 4-16 Sections 3 and 12)
4) Option PRO. Probabilistic SRA and SSI analyses (per ASCE  4-16 Sections  2 and 5.5, RG 1.208 E)
5) New Option 2DSOIL. Uses 3D2D SASSI model instead of 3D1D SASSI model (tentatively by July 31 2019).

New features include:
- New Fourier zero-padding (FZP) interpolation acceleration time histories. Required for high-frequency. Modification in EQUAKE.
- Improvements on the fast-post processing options. Modification in MOTION, RELDISP and STRESS.
- New FE type called HVD (3D High Viscous Damper) for seismic base-isolation problems. Modification in HOUSE.
- New Option 2DSOIL for nonhorizontal soil layering. Developed a new NST Module.
- New UI commands to support new functionalities; HVD, Binary Options for MOTION, RELDISP, STRESS, new 2DSOIL option

자세한 V4 업데이트 내용은 첨부된 PDF파일을 참조하시기 바랍니다.