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  [ATENA] FE Program ATENA for safety assessment of NPP containments
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FE Program ATENA for safety assessment of NPP containments

Jan Cervenka, Vladimir Cervenka,a)

FE program ATENA was developed by Cervenka Consulting, Prague, Czech Republic with the aim to offer a tool for numerical simulation of concrete structures subjected to actions due to mechanical and physical effects. Nonlinear behavior of concrete is modeled by theories of damage and plastic flow. Paper outlines the basic features of the used material model. It demonstrates the program behavior on several validation problems. In the last section, it shows examples of application to safety assessment of prestressed concrete containments in nuclear power plants, such as the test of model containment by BARC in India and assessment of liner anchorage design and containment wall delamination.


Numerical simulation of reinforced concrete structures must reflect all typical features exhibited by brittle cementitious materials, reinforcement and their interactions due to bond. The numerical model of reinforced concrete is usually complex, and is a result of numerous approximations. It is essential to employ a balanced approximation approach, in which the resulting response guarantees a good agreement with the real behavior. This can be assured by a quality control system based on validation. Such validation should include comparison with experiments, blind bench mark tests, effects of numerical methods, namely criteria for iterative procedures and mesh sensitivity.