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  [ACS SASSI] SMiRT-22 Paper SSSI Effects (April, 30 2013)
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   SMiRT-22_Paper_SSSI_Effects_April_30_2013.pdf (873.7K), Down : 26, 2013-06-04 16:29:00



Dongyi Yue1, Dan M Ghiocel2, Hiro Fuyama3, Taknori Ogata4 and Gary Stark5 

1 Consulting Engineer, URS Corporation, Princeton, NJ (dongyi.yue@urs.com)
2 Chief of Engineering, Ghiocel Predictive Technologies Inc., Rochester, NY
3 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Kobe, Japan
4 Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy System, Inc., Arlington, VA
5 Project Manager, URS Corporation, Princeton, NJ 

The US-APWR standard plant buildings consist of the Seismic Category I Reactor Building Complex (RBC) and the Seismic Category II Turbine Building (TB).  The horizontal clearance between foundations of the two buildings is about 20 ft. Such a close foundation distance and comparable size and stiffness of the foundations necessitate investigation of effect of presence of the TB on response of the RBC to earthquake excitations through dynamic Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction (SSSI). The RBC foundation is embedded at depth of 42 feet. The embedment depth for TB foundation is about 27 feet. An integrated model of the RBC and the TB that considers foundation embedment therefore is developed and analyzed using ACS SASSI program. Resulting structural responses of the RBC to the three component earthquake excitation are compared to the ones that obtained from analysis of standalone RBC embedded model to identify the SSSI effects. This paper presents the typical comparison results. It is concluded from the comparison that the SSSI effects of the TB on the RBC in terms of In Structure Response Spectra at characteristic locations are insignificant.