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  [ACS SASSI] SMIRT-22 Generic DCD Design Paper (final)
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   SMIRT-22-Generic_DCD_Design-Paper-final.pdf (696.1K), Down : 27, 2013-06-04 16:30:50



Luben Todorovski1, Walt Silva2, Dan M Ghiocel3 and Kenneth Lanham4 

1 Consulting Engineer, URS Corporation, Princeton, NJ (luben64@gmail.com)
2 President, Pacific Engineering, El Cerrito, CA
3 Chief of Engineering, Ghiocel Predictive Technologies, Rochester, NY
4 Consulting Engineer, URS Corporation, Princeton, NJ  

This paper presents the development of a set of Certified Design Response Spectra (CSDRS) and  generic profiles for standard design of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) that provide a realistic  representation of seismological and geotechnical conditions existing at a wide range NPP sites within the contiguous US.  The results of soil-structure interaction (SSI) analyses of a typical NPP building for these generic site conditions presented herein illustrate how the different types of conditions existing at candidate site within contiguous US can impact the NPP standard design.  Another set of SSI analyses of the NPP building is performed for the selected generic profiles and a single RG 1.60 CSDRS.  The comparison of results obtained from the two sets of SSI analyses serves to illustrate the benefit of using standard design with multiple CSDRS.  The use of multiple CSDRS ensures NPP standard designs that are applicable for wide range of candidate sites and helps eliminate the excessive conservatism in the standard design of structures and stability evaluations that is introduced by the use of a single broadband CSDRS.