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  [Strand7] Back-analysis of the collapse of a metal truss structure
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Back-analysis of the collapse of a metal truss structure
C. Crosti & F. Bontempi
School of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
ABSTRACT: This paper is organized in two parts. The first one describes a case history of few collapses of metal truss structures designed to be used as entertainment structures for which the structural safety gains therefore much more importance due to the people that can be involved in the collapse. In the second part, a specific case of the collapse of an entertainment structure made by aluminum is taken under study. A back analysis of the collapse of this metal truss structure is developed and produces a flowchart that points out the possible causes that led the structure to the collapse. By means of non linear analyses by Finite Element Model (FEM) the failure sequence of this particular structure is shown and forensic investigation concerning the whole phase of the construction phase is performed, starting from the design one, through the assembling and ending with the rigging phase.