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  [교육/평가판] ATENA 3D V5.3.5i Demo-콘크리트 균열해석 프로그램
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"콘크리트 구조물에 대한 균열예측 및 해석" 전용 소프트웨어인 "ATENA 3D V5.3.5e Full(Egr.+Sci.)" 의 데모용 버전입니다. [701MB]

Since version 5 ATENA includes a new product ATENA Studio, which brings the run-time control and post-processing comfort to a new level, which surpasses the high standard that was previously introduced by our ATENA Engineering 2D & 3D software. In version 5, there is no need to import results to GiD for post-processing.

The key ATENA v5 features are:

 ATENA Studio :

  • a unified run-time and post-processing program. This unique program allows full-blown post-processing even while the analysis is in progress
  • the unmatched ATENA crack visualization is now also available in ATENA Science
  • the new cut and clipping planes for visualization of results inside the analyzed structure
  • the new selection feature allows a seamless control of the text output of selected quantities at selected locations
  • a new animation feature is now directly in ATENA, so there is no need to use GiD for post-processing
  • activities/layers  streamline the visualization of complicated 3D results. Activities can be also defined according to a value range of a selected output quantity
  • the contour plots are available for a rich set of output quantities at nodes, elements as well as integration points
  • a unique visualization of integration point quantities
  • 2D graphs can be used to display the evolution of ATENA monitoring points during the analysis. In ATENA Studio, a monitoring point can be created even after the analysis is computed, and the data are automatically extracted from the saved results
  • the signal option for locating individual nodes,  elements and supported or loaded nodes

The new release of ATENA software, version 5.3 brings you many new exciting features:

(a) improved robustness and validation of ATENA for seismic and dynamic analyses
(b) support for the new Austrian tunnelling method
(c) improved 3D beam elements for efficient modelling of large scale high rise building frames
(d) improvements in high-cycle fatigue model for concrete in tension
(e) support for parametric definitions in ATENA input/command file
(f) new extrude option enables pure brick meshes in extruded regions in ATENA 3D
(g) probabilistic module SARA/RLACS available also for ATENA Science
(h) plus many other improvements, corrections and bug fixes in ATENA 2D/3D, GiD Interface, ATENA Science and ATENA Studio.

◈ 주요 적용 분야 ◈
- 매스콘크리트의 균열 예측 및 탄.소성해석
- R/C 보,기둥, 슬라브의 균열예측 및 탄.소성해석
- PreStressed Concrete 구조물의 균열예측 및 탄.소성해석
- 비선형 Pushover 해석
- 콘크리트 구조물의 열전달해석
- 화재시 폭열현상에 의한 콘크리트의 균열 및 내화성능 해석 (Damage, Crack)
- Eigen Value Analysis
- Dynamic Implicit Analysis
* 제한사항 *
- number of 3D elements 300, number of shell elements 50
- not storing data
- loading analysis results not supported
- loading external INP file not supported
*** 한글 폴더명과 파일명은 인식하지 못합니다. ***