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  [교육/평가판] ATENA 3D V4.3.0k Demo-콘크리트 균열해석 프로그램
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"콘크리트 구조물에 대한 균열예측 및 해석" 전용 소프트웨어인 "ATENA 3D V4.3.0k Full(Egr.+Sci.)" 의 데모용 버전입니다. [459MB]

Main changes since 4.2.7g:

  • First 64bit version of the ATENA kernel, AtenaConsole, and AtenaWin (x64)
  • Completely new graph component in AtenaWin
  • Improved implementation of hydration heat and general heat sources/sinks (material CCTransportMaterialLevel7)
  • Added option to apply initial opening on contacts (LOAD INITIAL GAP)
  • Added a new parameter UNLOADING to control unloading in the NonLinearCementitious2 material family
  • Fixed a problem causing mesh generation erros with some ATENA 3D models
  • Fixed a bug when copying springs in ATENA 3D
  • Updated a2g utility importing results into GiD for postprocessing: better support of reinforcement results, fixed a few small problems
  • Added function to check if a newer version is available
  • Many small fixes and improvements in the kernel, AtenaWin/AtenaConsole, ATENA 2D and 3D GUEs, ATENA-GiD, and in the installer
◈ 주요 적용 분야 ◈
- 매스콘크리트의 균열 예측 및 탄.소성해석
- R/C 보,기둥, 슬라브의 균열예측 및 탄.소성해석
- PreStressed Concrete 구조물의 균열예측 및 탄.소성해석
- 비선형 Pushover 해석
- 콘크리트 구조물의 열전달해석
- 화재시 폭열현상에 의한 콘크리트의 균열 및 내화성능 해석 (Damage, Crack)
- Eigen Value Analysis
- Dynamic Implicit Analysis
* 제한사항 *
- number of 3D elements 300, number of shell elements 50
- not storing data
- loading analysis results not supported
- loading external INP file not supported
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