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  [교육/평가판] ProShake 2.0 Educational (
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ProShake 2.0 Educational (
EduPro Civil Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ProShaeke 2.0 - Educational Version, previously called EduShake. ProShake 2.0 represents a major upgrade to ProShake 1.12. ProShaeke 2.0 - Professional Version will be available in the near future. The Educational Version is identical to the Professional Version but is limited to the use of 7 earthquake motion files that are included in the installation package.

The ProShake 2.0 - Educational Version setup program can be downloaded from the form below. 
Please download and run Proshake_2.0_Setup.exe to install ProShake 2.0. Please ensure that you or IT help staff with administrative rights is logged in when installing. 
You don't need administrative rights to use the program. We would very much appreciate receiving any feedback you may have on the Educational Version.