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  [교육/평가판] Download a FREE trial of Mech-Q today
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Download  a FREE trial of Mech-Q today

CAD is not required. But if you have AutoCAD,  BricsCAD or IntelliCAD you can run Mech-Q as an add-on. Otherwise you can download AViCAD, our full AutoCAD-like package with Mech-Q included.

Free version contains  some restrictions like reminders popups and BOM  is not enabled.

This demo has been restricted and certain routines and functions have been disabled.  Demo options include AutoCAD, Bricscad and IntelliCAD.

If you have AutoCAD full version,
check out our subscript-xion options which also include a 15 day trial followed by a zero commitment monthly payment option.

So what's inside Mech-Q?

We provide you with four (4) main modules: Piping, Structural, Ducting and Mechanical. Get all modules or one module (for example Piping). Modules draw both 2D and 3D fittings/objects.

Mech-Q works on top of your existing CAD menu - ribbon, drop-down and toolbar menu and fully integrates into your existing CAD program.

Mech-Q also runs in AutoCAD®, AutoCAD LT®, BricsCAD, ZWCAD and IntelliCAD.

If you don't have CAD -
just ask us - we can provide you with a solution at no additional cost: AViCAD (2D/3D CAD with Mech-Q)

But before getting started please click a 2 minute video below on how to install it.

Ans by all means, let us know if you have any questions!

Before you get started please click a 2 minute video below on how to install it.

Mech-Q Download link;