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  1. Q Strand7 Student Version 신청 방법


    Strand7 Student Version 신청 방법은 첨부된 신청서를 참고하시기 바랍니다. (월AU$10)


    As an engineering student, you are learning the skills you will need for a rewarding career in engineering - this is where Strand7 can help you:

    The Strand7 Student Version is available for students enrolled in an approved university course. As a student, you get access to all Strand7 modules (except for the API), with no limits on model size. The software may only be used for your course work. Access costs AU$10 per month.

    To request access, please complete the form and return it to student@strand7.com.


  2. Q Strand7 Generating a New Key Code


    Strand7 requires a security key code to run. A key code must be entered for new installations and when new options are purchased for existing installations. There are some special cases where a new installation will not require a new key code, as discussed in ST7- Network Installation Configuration. Right-click on the Strand7 icon and select Run As Administrator. For Strand7 R2.4.4 and prior, a dialog will appear stating that you need to enter a new key. Click Yes. ... 

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